Your options

When looking for a low sugar, natural alternative to water, you have the following options:

Spring (mineral) water - Salty. Otherwise good choice.

Coconut water - not really water, biologically it is the liquid endosperm of the coconut.

Aloe Vera - real (more than 50%) aloe vera juice is bitter tasting, what you think is that aloe taste is actually mixed taste with grape juice (grape flavour)

Birch Water - biologically, birch sap. In spring, birch trees pull up water from the ground through their roots. (No, the trees are not harmed or "drained".) Low in sugar but high in minerals. The traditional natural drink in Estonia and neighbouring countries.

Maple Water - sweet tree water. Maybe in Canada?

Bamboo water - more of a thing in Asia

We are from Estonia and this is as good of a Birch water as we could make

and still be reasonably priced.

This means:

-We don't add flavours or CO2 into our birch water. Our's tastes good with out them as well.
-We add as little sugar as possible. A little is needed to bring out the taste. It also helps to preserve the birch water.
-It's not fermented, it's fresh. Only pasteurised. (No, it doesn't "kill" the nutrients, minerals and vitamins are not destroyed or even significantly reduced.

We recommend to serve at 7°C to 10°C degrees. The temperature you would have it at the tree on an early spring morning.

We hope you like it!

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